25 Days of Sweating

Every year, families get together over the Holidays to celebrate and spend time together. Great company and good food often result in overeating and decreased physical activity. Some research suggests that Americans gain an average of 7-10 lbs over the Holiday season each year and struggle to lose that weight over the next year. 

This should not be a constant issue. Simple steps such as limiting portions, including exercise in your daily routine, and increasing water intake can help keep you on track with your fitness goals over the end of the year. If you've been considering starting a new exercise routine in the new year, don't wait! Start now!! 

In order to help you all stay on track or even begin your health and fitness journey, I have a 25 Days of Sweating challenge for you! Each day I will post a workout routine or video that you can complete at home or in a gym. Rather than being a part of the group that will make excuses and gain weight, moving further from their health goals, be a part of the group that makes their health a priority and sees results! Start today! Invite a friend or family member to do it with you. Videos will be posted here as well as on the Facebook and Instagram page. Let's work on becoming a better version of ourselves! Better Bodies make time, not excuses!!

***Go ahead and take your day 1 pictures (sides, front and back view) and starting weight now. This challenge is 25 days but it's just the start! We're going into the New Year STRONG and staying on track!

DAY 1= Leg day!


Find a backpack and fill it so you have a challenging weight. Suggested fillers are bags of beans, coins, cans, water bottles etc. Complete 20 repetitions of each exercise and go through the circuit 5 times. Try to take as little rest as possible. There's a modification at the end of the video if you don't have enough weight. 

Day 2 = arms! I used two cans for my weights here. Other suggestions are bags of rice or beans, water jug or bottles, equal sized lotion or shampoo bottles etc. We're going to do each exercise for 45 seconds and complete the circuit 3 times! Try to keep moving the whole time and take as little rest as possible between sets. Your upper body tends to fatigue faster than the lower body so I would suggest having a set of heavier weights to start with and an option for lighter weights if you find that you're needing rest more often to continue the exercise. You want to keep the rest low so you can burn more calories and fat  in less time. Yall killed day 1 now lets get this day 2!!! Send your videos of you completing the circuit to betterbodies757@gmail.com or post it directly on the Facebook page and I'll repost it!

Day 3 - Core day! Having a strong core is more than just having abs. It's important to strengthen all the muscles around your torso including the hip and butt. Regular core work can prevent back and knee pain, enhance athletic performance, and increase your power and strength with weight training. Also, everyone loves having a flat stomach. While these exercises do help tone, you still must maintain a healthy diet to get the lean, cut look many strive for. So here is your day 3 challenge. If you are a beginner. aim for 20 reps of each and if you are more advanced, try 30 reps for 4 times through. No weights were used this time so we can get proper form down first. Next core day will be more challenging. Make sure you get these exercises down! Let's get it!

Day 4! Let's get this cardio workout done! There is NO rest between exercises. Get your heart rate up and the sweat flowing. This is going to be a recovery day. This day is meant to burn calories but not over-stress your body. Get a good stretch afterwards and make sure to drink plenty of water and fuel your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and start a new week. No excuses, let's get it done!

Day 5!!! No video for you guys today since you've seen all these, but here's the workout- it's going to be a ladder:

20 squats,

20 (total) alternating lunges in place

20 calf raises

20 crunches

20 push ups (you can do them on the wall if you can't do regular)


You go down by 2 so the next set will be 18, then 16...all the way down to 10. Add weight if you'd like but this will get you tired regardless. Good luck! Let's get it done!!!

Day 6 Yall have been on a roll so let's stay strong! Try this workout going through each exercise 3-4 times. We're starting to ramp up the exercises so you have to start pushing yourself! Try every exercise even if it looks hard. You'd be surprised at how strong you really are! Don't say "you can't." Stop holding yourself back! You can't TODAY but you will. And you'll keep working until it's easy. Your workout today will be your warm up next month if you stick with it. Believe in yourself. Now let's get it

Day 7 😀 Easy recovery day. I challenge you to get a 30 min walk or run in today followed by completing 3 rounds of this. Before you think of an excuse, remember that your exercise doesn't have go look like anyone else's. Too cold for your liking to walk outside? Walk around the mall for 30 min before you go shopping. Find an indoor track at a sports complex, university, or community center. If you don't mind the weather, arrive 30 min early and walk around the neighborhood at your children's school. Find a way to make it work. These exercises can be done anywhere afterwards. Don't have weights? Use a textbook, laundry detergent, cans, large shampoo bottle, gallon jug. #noexcuses Get it done. You got this! 

Day 8! Yesterday was an easy day so let's challenge ourselves today. We're a week in and you guys have been killing it so let's add some different exercises. Burpees are modified this time. You don't have to hit your chest to the ground but we'll pair it with push ups to get that motion down. Don't say you can't (yet) until you try. You're stronger than you think! Now let's get it  😎

Day 9! It's the weekend 😁 let's finish the week off strong with this circuit. The exercises are a little more challenging but you have to keep changing up your workout to see results. No equipment needed for any of this and I guarantee you'll be tired afterwards. Leave your excuses behind today, now let's get it 😎

Day 10! 
We have another ladder. This time we're going down and back up. Nothing tricky. No equipment needed. No excuses so let's get it 😎


*Jumping jacks, 1 min wall sit, 30 crunches, 10 push ups
*25 jumping jacks, 45 sec wall sit, 25 crunches, 8 push ups
*20 jumping jacks, 30 sec wall sit, 20 crunches, 6 push ups 
*25 jumping jacks, 45 sec wall sit, 25 crunches, 8 push ups
*30 jumping jacks, 1 min wall sit, 30 crunches, 10 push ups

Day 11 = rest day. Go for a walk and do some stretching. Rest days are essential recovery days to rest physically and mentally. Without taking rest days, you can hit walls and plateau. You'll stop getting stronger or faster and start fatiguing quicker. Every so often give your body a day of rest and include deload weeks at the end of heavy training periods. Treat your body well if you expect to keep seeing progress. 

On the 12th day of Sweating your trainer gave to theeee, a cardio day to start off the weeeeek. Happy Monday! Let's set the tone for the rest of the week by getting this energizing workout in! Enjoy the music lol 🎅🏽🎄 I love the holidays. Anyways, let's get it 

Day 13! Over halfway through the 25 Days of Sweating!! How has everyone been doing? I've seen some of you going strong! If you fell off, get back on! Don't quit this time. Don't put it off. Make your health a priority. Get up and get active today 

Day 15- It was freezing outside while I made this video but #noexcuses Who made it through yesterday's workout!? We're almost to the weekend guys (and Christmas 🎄) keep pushing forward! Let's get it 😎

Day 16 😄 This easy circuit will go by quickly so you can get your Friday workout done and out of the way. No rest between exercises but 1 min between sets. Don't cheat yourself by taking long breaks, you won't get the full effect of the workout and won't burn as many calories. I know it's cold today in the 757 but this can be done anywhere and anytime. #noexcuses

Day 17 challenge - We have a plank ladder. Either elbows or push up position is fine!


1 min front plank, 1 min both sides
50 sec front plank, 50 sec both sides
40 sec front plank, 40 sec both sides
30 sec front plank, 30 sec both sides 
Then back up 40sec, 50 sec, 1 min


Try to get out for a walk or something between the rain showers!

Day 18- is an easy day.

30 min cardio then arms. Use cans, a backpack, gallon jug, whatever you have around the house!


Shoulder press x 12
Bicep curl x 12
Delt raises x 10
Tricep extensions x 15
(3 times through) 
Then end with 50 push ups


Less than an hour of your Sunday!

Day 19 - so it's Monday and it's cold and rainy and it would be great to stay in bed but here's the thing, the time you waste lying in bed thinking about what you should do today, can be used to get this quick workout in!! Did you know if you work out on Monday, you're more likely to work out the rest of the week? On days that you workout, you're more likely to make health conscious decisions throughout your day. You'll turn down that donut or soda because you're proud of your hard work and don't want to undo it. Start your week off right. Make the time. Put forth the effort. Find two small things you can do today to put or keep you on track with your fitness goals. Because Better Bodies make time, not excuses. Now let's get it 😎 Happy Monday and less than a week until Christmas 

Day 20- 5 days to go!! Stay strong and get it done today. #noexcuses

Day 21- you've gone strong for over a week, give your body some rest and recovery today. Kids get out of school early today. Take them to the park or go for a walk together. Do some stretching or even yoga. Listen to what your body needs and give it that today. Keep your nutrition in check so you don't undo your progress! Happy #humpday 😊#betterbodies #noexcuses #betterthanyesterday

Day 22 - cardio to get you sweating after the recovery day. This will take you 20min to complete if you can push through without a break. 20 min out of the 16 or more hours that you're awake today. #noexcuses Let's get it 

Well guys we're at Day 23 of Better Bodies 25 Days of Sweating 😅 I love the feedback I'm hearing from you guys! So many of you have made great progress over the last few weeks whether that was losing weight or becoming stronger. Shout out to everyone to who's stuck with it and to those who fell off, today is as great of day as any to get started. It's the season of giving and it's amazing to love others, but don't forget to love yourself as well. Treat your body right and make your health a priority. This workout is fun and done in under 20 if you don't take breaks! Let's get it guys 😎 #betterbodies #noexcuses#betterthanyesterday

Happy Christmas Eve or whichever traditions you celebrate, have a great day and get this Day 24 workout in!

*20 squat jumps, 2 min wall sit, 1 min plank, 20 push ups

*15 squat jumps, 1.5 min wall sit, 50 sec plank, 15 push ups

*10 squat jumps, 1 min wall sit, 40 sec plank, 10 push ups

*15 squat jumps, 1.5 min wall sit, 50 sec plank, 15 push ups

*20 squat jumps, 2 min wall sit, 1 min plank, 20 push ups

The 25th and last day our 25 Days of Sweating Challenge!!

You're going to go for a run or jog in place if you chose for 30 min. Every minute you're going to stop and do an exercise for example 20 squats. After you complete that exercise you begin running again. Watch the time on the clock because that will determine when you do your next exercise. So if you stopped at the first minute to do your 20 squats, if took you 65 seconds to complete them, your watch says 2:05 now so you'll run until 3:05 and do a different exercise now. 30 min total. Get the whole family involve today. The kids will like this one. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!