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A gym focused on Empowering Women to transform their health to become the BEST version of themselves  💜

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You can have results or excuses. Never both...

Transform your health with us

Over the past 6 years of working with hundreds of women, we've developed the best system to support our clients. Our average client who see's the best results in our programs is;

  • A high achiever in most areas of her life.

  • Ambitious and internally motivated.

  • She is not looking for a quick fix that requires an unhealthy and highly restrictive lifestyle, but wants to achieve a balanced, sustainable plan that supports her mental and physical health long term.

  • She has tried on her own and is tired of being stuck in a cycle of stop, go, quit, be sad, go too hard, quit again. 🤪

  • This woman is open to taking responsibility for her current situation and loves herself enough to recognize she can and needs to change some habits to achieve a different result.


  • She wants to learn the knowledge to navigate the gym and her own health with confidence!!

​​At Better Bodies 757, we have 3 signature programs that our client's begin with. All 3 programs focus on empowering women to take control of their health and provide specific education and training based on the client's goals. 


Working out at an all women's gym can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it provides a comfortable and supportive environment that allows women to focus on their fitness goals without feeling self-conscious or intimidated. Additionally, at Better Bodies 757 we have a more targeted approach to training, with specialized programs and classes that cater specifically to women's bodies and needs. We offer a wide range of customization of programs for all fitness levels, ages and sizes, including personalized training plans visually and in person, group fitness classes, and nutritional coaching. Our experienced trainers are passionate about helping women achieve their fitness goals and empowering them to live their best lives. With our supportive community and tailored programs, you're sure to see results and feel confident in your body. 

The Women's Transformation Program: 


For the woman looking for a supportive community on her fitness journey, this is the best place to start.  Lose weight, tone your body, gain strength and confidence in and outside the gym! Small group sessions tailored to your fitness level. New clients can start every Saturday.

Sessions are capped between 6-10 participants to ensure that coaches are able to give each client instruction and attention. Even in this group setting, client's get personal attention. You'll receive a welcome email upon signing up with a meal plan based on the client's current weight and goals, a link to sign up for our sessions, access to our private facebook community, and self study education classes in nutrition and exercise programming. During your first class, your coach will go over the Savage certification packet with you and take your baseline measurements and photos. This process will be repeated at 12 weeks to help clients and their coaches track progress. Non-scale goals are set and celebrated along the journey as well. We host seasonal challenges to keep clients motivated, supported, and offer chances to win money and other prizes. The Strong Girl Transformation Program is perfect for the woman who is seeking a support system of like minded women. She enjoys community and wants to contribute to hers.


For the woman looking for a jumpstart to get back into a good routine or has between 10-20lbs to lose, the 6 month program would be a good fit. 

For the woman who has tried multiple programs and had difficulty creating new habits, the 12 month program is a better fit for you. This allows time to establish healthy habits that will last long term instead of the yo-yo cycle. This is also the better fit for women who have more than 20lb to lose and those looking to gain muscle mass. Body re-composition takes time and consistency. If you have questions about which would be the best, call

757-251-0779 or email

Personal Training: 

This is the best option for those who need flexibility in their workout schedule, those who need frequent modifications for activities, and for the woman who simply wants private sessions to focus on specific goals.

For example:

  • Those who are post surgical and just cleared by their physician to reengage in exercise

  • Anyone with chronic conditions with frequent flare ups such as fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis

  • Anxiety, body dysmorphia, or any other mental blocks towards exercising in groups or seeing your body

  • Our seasoned (senior) clients who want to focus on strengthening and mobility to enhance activities of daily living

  • Athletes who want to work on sport specific skills or physique​ 

  • Anyone who just wants personal training with amazing coaches who cares about their mental and physical health

Access to classes and open gym can be added on to training plans based on client's needs and goals.

You can call to discuss goals and payment options or request a free consultation. Investment starts at $400.

Virtual ProgrammingAll options include nutrition guidance and access to our community Facebook Group

Group: Unlimited access our Fitbody and Recovery classes from the comfort of your home. Morning and evening sessions available. All classes are live with a coach. You'll receive real feedback in real time! $50/mo. Sign up here!

Personal programming: Are you comfortable in the gym but need a set workout plan to follow? For $200/ month you'll receive customized weekly workouts based on your goals and equipment availability. You will meet with your coach virtually first to complete an assessment and discuss strategy.

Sign up here!

Virtual Programs

* All classes 45 min*

Fitbody Classes: are small group training sessions held in person and via zoom that are designed to burn fat and tone your entire body. They consist of a combination of resistance training, HIIT, and core. Free weights and functional equipment are used in these sessions.


Strong Girl Classes: small group training sessions held in person only. These classes provide a foundation as an introduction to barbell training and navigating the open gym semi-independently. Coaches develop a workout incorporating barbell movements and free weights for clients to complete at their own pace while being available for questions and guidance throughout. Modifications and alternatives are always offered. All fitness levels are welcome. 

Stretch and Recovery Class: Supporting recovery between workout sessions is critical for long term health. Increase mobility and decrease soreness through this guided stretching class.

Cardio and Recovery Class: - this class combines a short, yet intense cardio and core workout with dedicated mobility work. The first 30 min of the class we work! The last 15, we stretch and recover. 

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