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A gym focused on Empowering Women to transform their health to become the BEST version of themselves  💜

You can have results or excuses. Never both...

Transform your health with us

Over the past 6 years of working with hundreds of women, we've developed the best system to support our clients. Our average client who see's the best results in our programs is;

  • A high achiever in most areas of her life.

  • Ambitious and internally motivated.

  • She is not looking for a quick fix that requires an unhealthy and highly restrictive lifestyle, but wants to achieve a balanced, sustainable plan that supports her mental and physical health long term.

  • She has tried on her own and is tired of being stuck in a cycle of stop, go, quit, be sad, go too hard, quit again. 🤪

  • This woman is open to taking responsibility for her current situation and loves herself enough to recognize she can and needs to change some habits to achieve a different result.


  • She wants to learn the knowledge to navigate the gym and her own health with confidence!!

​​At Better Bodies 757, we have 3 signature programs that our client's begin with. All 3 programs focus on empowering women to take control of their health and provide specific education and training based on the client's goals.