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Strength training programs focused on Empowering Women to transform their health to become the BEST version of themselves  💜

Our Services

Personal Training: 

This is the best option for those who need frequent modifications for activities, and for the woman who simply wants private sessions to focus on specific goals.

For example:

  • Those who are post surgical and just cleared by their physician to reengage in exercise

  • Anyone with chronic conditions with frequent flare ups such as fibromyalgia, lupus, arthritis

  • Anxiety, body dysmorphia, or any other mental blocks towards exercising in groups or seeing your body

  • Our seasoned (senior) clients who want to focus on strengthening and mobility to enhance activities of daily living

  • Athletes who want to work on sport specific skills or physique​ 

  • Anyone who just wants personal training with an amazing coach who cares about their mental and physical health

You can call to discuss goals and payment options or request a free consultation. Investment starts at $350.

Virtual Programming

Goal Based Training Plans: Start with our free 14 day challenge to test drive this program. All training docs delivered via sms. No app required for your convenience. Sign up here!

Personal programming: Are you comfortable in the gym but need a set workout plan to follow? For $150/ month you'll receive customized weekly workouts based on your goals and equipment availability. You will meet with your coach virtually first to complete an assessment and discuss strategy.

Book your consultation call here!

Virtual Programs
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