3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas w/ Nutrition Info

Healthy breakfast doesn't have to be boring. The more natural (unprocessed) foods that you use, the more you can eat without racking on the calories. Try these high protein options this week.


Egg White Omelette

3 servings egg whites (3tbsp=1serving) 0F/0C/15P 75c

1 handful of fresh spinach 0F/1C/1P 15c

**you can pick the amount of veggies you like. They’re all low calorie, fat and carb. You can estimate the calories if you'd like in your calorie tracker app. It will likely be less than 50c

1/3 cup chopped peppers 0F/2C/0P 15c

1 tsp chopped onion 0F/2C/0P 10c

1/4 cup mushroom 0F/1C/1P 5c

1oz low fat feta cheese 3.5F/0C/5P 50c

1/4 medium avocado mashed 6F/3C/1P 60c

1 cup strawberries 0F/8C/0P 40c

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese 0F/5C/15P 80c

Total: 350 c 9.5F/39C/39P


Cottage Cheese and Berries

1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese 0F/5C/15P 80c

1/2 cup plain, fat free Greek yogurt 0F/5C/12P 70c

1/2 cup fresh blueberries 0F/10C/0P 30c

1/2 cup strawberries 0F/4C/0P 20c

1 tsp honey 0F/122C/0P 60C

Total: 260c 0F/36C/27P


Breakfast Sandwich

2 servings egg whites (3tbsp=1serving) 0F/0C/10P 50c

1 whole wheat or whole grain sandwich thin 1F/22C/5P 100c

1 slice low fat cheese 4F/1C/5P 50c

2 slices turkey bacon 3F/0C/2P 70c

Lettuce and tomato slices

1 medium peach 0F/15C/1P 60c

or plum 0F/11C/1P 50c

Total: 330c 8F/38C/23P

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